Tourus NW001 Mantis
TS-nw001 Mantis

Tourus are a go-to supplier for a number of famous iSUP brands. Although confidentiality agreements exist to prevent brand names being leaked, it's fairly easy to spot a Tourus built board by comparing similarities in the design, construction, accessories and warranties. So don't let the lack of a fancy name detract from the fact that the NW001 rivals many boards sold by famous brands. Then, they go a step further by surpassing them on price and even include a 5 year warranty! 

Check out the stats below and you'll see that the NW001-Mantis packs a plethora of features rarely seen in boards at this price. 

At 10'6 x 32" x 6" this is a compact touring iSUP that weighs only 9.5kg so it's super portable, inflates in less than 5 minutes and can be deflated and packed away in a similar timeframe. Carrying up to 150kg the NW-001 is a decent, dependable board for all levels of paddlers.

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