About Us

inflatable su paddleboards


Our Philosophy

For many, paddle boarding is a way of life. For us, it's because spending time on the water helps connect you to your soul. Stand-up or sit down kayak style, on lakes, rivers or the open sea, it makes little difference. For once you're out on the board, either alone with your thoughts or accompanied by loved ones, life at that moment-in-time is very hard to beat.

Originally conceived on the Essex Coast in the sleepy town of Frinton-on-Sea, Inflatable SU Paddleboards is a small, family run business. We have a very simple mission: to enable like-minded souls to have fun on the water, utilising eye-catching, high-spec boards that are affordable for all!

Brief Background

Like many, we started paddle boarding during covid. Before choosing our first boards, we spent countless hours researching to ensure we got the best our budget could buy. After all, we had the time to do it!

We inspected dozens of boards, spoke to a few paddle boarders and noticed that despite often wild variations prices, the design and construction of many of the iSUP's seemed to be strikingly similar.

So, we delved deeper and approached the manufacturers to find out more about their production processes and the quality of their composite materials. In many cases we found very little difference between the premium branded iSUPs with a £750.00+ price tag and some of the more obscure branded boards selling iro £350.00. In fact, some 'premium' boards had simply been given a paint job, a fancy logo and repackaged! They didn't even throw in an extended warranty...

To the uninitiated, it was a minefield, but we had spotted a gap in the market and the seed for a new business had been sown.


Fast-forward a few years and despite the technological advances in the construction of iSUPs, very little has changed. Many still find it difficult to find a stylish, high-quality inflatable paddleboard for what we consider to be a fair and reasonable price. That is, until now!

Having literally scoured the earth for the most low-cost, high-spec designer boards, Inflatable SU Paddleboards is proud to present our handpicked selection of some of the most stylish and best inflatable SUP's your budget can buy.

Each one is light weight, rugged & resilient, super stable and easy to manoeuvre. Most include a host of features and upgrades rarely seen in boards in this price range. And I think you'll agree, the individual artwork on some of the boards is exceptional!

But it's not all about looks! Be assured that each SUP has undergone rigorous testing at every stage of production. And every single board comes with a whopping 2, 3, 4 or 5 year warranty for additional peace of mind for when you are out on the water!

We honestly believe you won't find a better value iSUP anywhere else. So please take your time and do your research. We'll be here waiting for you... 

See you soon!