TS-JB02 Aegean

Tourus are a go-to supplier for several famous iSUP brands worldwide. So don't let the lack of a fancy name detract from the fact that the TS-JB02 rivals many boards sold by leading brands in the UK and Europe! We then go a step further and beat them on price too!

Indeed, we are so confident in the quality of their design and manufacturing processes that we offer a FREE 5 year extended warranty on all their paddleboards!

At 10'6 x 32" x 6" and with triple fins and plenty of storage space, it's a sleek and slender inflatable touring board weighing 9.5kg. With a maximum payload weight of 150kg that's more than enough for the average paddle boarder!

Good luck trying to find a better looking, better value paddle board in the UK! 

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