Warranty Overview

All our paddle boards come with a complimentary extended warranty because we know how important it is that you have the utmost confidence in the quality and workmanship of our products.

The warranty will cover you for 2, 3, 4 or 5 years from the date of purchase against any manufacturing faults. The length of term depends on the manufacturer. Skatinger offer 2 years whilst Tourus offer 5 years.

Furthermore, we guarantee that if you purchase a product from us that turns out to be defective, we will work with you to help you to resolve the matter until you are completely satisfied with the outcome.

Warranty Terms & Conditions

Tourus provides a 5 years manufacturers warranty on all their SUPs and 1 year on their accessories. Click Here To View Tourus Warranty.

Skatinger provides a 2 years manufacturers warranty on all their SUPs and 1 year on their accessories. Click Here To View Skatinger Warranty.

In essence this means that at the manufacturer's discretion they reserve the right to have the defective part or product professionally repaired OR replaced with an equivalent product at no cost to you. Copies of the manufacturers warranty terms and conditions can be viewed via the links above. Your warranty is in addition to and does not affect your legal rights under laws.


Your warranty does not include issues arising from or due to normal wear and tear; misuse, abuse, neglect or user error; mishandling or incorrect storage; punctures; UV or sun exposure or lost items.

Some examples of instances or issues that are not covered under the manufacturers warranty include:

Damage caused by transport, loading, unloading, dropping

Damage caused by impact with any materials or objects (rocks, boats, other boards, breakwaters etc.)

Products used for commercial purposes, eg rentals or schools

Light cosmetic issues such as UV discolouration.

Damage caused by heel dents, dog scratches, standing or sitting on the board whilst on dry land

Damage or de-lamination caused by misuse or exposure to sunlight

Damage caused by use of solvents and adhesives.  

Damage caused by inappropriate storage in temperatures over 80°C and under 0°C

Damage to fins

Damage to the paddles

Fading, tears, rips, holes in bag due to misuse

Damage caused by incorrect storage of the board

Lost items, such as paddles, fins, leashes, cameras, phones or other personal equipment


Manufacturer's warranties are provided in addition to your legal rights as a customer.

Warranties cannot be transferred.

When replacing a faulty product, the manufacturer will endeavour to exchange a like-for-like product. However this may not be possible, for example if the particular product has been discontinued. In such instances, the manufacturer will seek to match the original product with a suitable alternative according to range, style, design and price.

Appropriate repairs will be completed subject to available parts.

For minor aesthetic or cosmetic issues, the manufacturer may send you the necessary tools, materials and guidance and ask you to complete the repair yourself. But if you do not feel confident to complete the repair yourself, they (the manufacturer) may arrange for the product to be professionally repaired in the UK. If the product cannot be suitably repaired, they will endeavour to issue a suitable replacement.

If a repair or replacement has taken place, the warranty only applies for the remainder of the period from the original purchase date.

Making A Claim

Please email us outlining details of the claim and include sufficient clear images and/or video clips to shows the extent of the defect. We will then process the claim accordingly.

Please note, if the defective product is not located in the UK, you will be liable for any applicable shipping charges.