TS-cB01 Azure

Tourus are one of the world's top isup board manufacturers and the go-to manufacturer for many recognisable isup brands based in the UK, USA & Europe.

Don't let the lack of a fancy, designer name detract from the fact that this board rivals many of the premium models sold by industry leading iSUP brands for £600-800.00 or more! Just check the specs!

It packs plenty of features and is built using heavy duty DWF + 0.7mm military grade PVC laminate, hence the manufacturer's confidence to offer an automatic 5 year warranty.

At 11'6 x 33" x 6" and optimised for touring, we find the TS-CB01 is equally proficient as an all-round or touring paddle board too. Carrying up to 170kg it's a decent, dependable board for all levels of paddlers.

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