Tourus MG-02 Aqua
Ts-MG02 Aqua

It's only another uniquely fine and funky paddleboard from the Tourus collection that ticks all boxes and is sure to stand out on the beaches this summer. It's pretty much as you'd expect from a go-to manufacturer for some top iSUP brands.

At 10'6 x 32" x 6" and weighing only 9kg the Aqua is super easy to transport, inflate, carry to-and-from the water and pack away. Whilst the maximum payload weight is 150kg, which is less than many of our other boards, but still enough to carry a couple of people without much trouble. And it certainly exceeds the payload weight of many other similar sized boards you'll find on sale in the UK at this price point.

It's going to be a hit in 2024... that's for sure!

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